Earth Golden Ark

Mars Golden Ark

Mission Mishkan Earth

Mission Mishkan Mars

Recharge the Galaxies & Planets magnetic shields
Exhume, Universal magnetic reversal, Recharge

When you see the Heel Stone at Stonehenge moved, the Mishkan thereunder Surfaced, and a continuing Dimming of Light universally, BE SURE TO SHUT DOWN ALL Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic systems; Universal Magnetic Reversal recharge by EMP set to occur in LESS THAN 72 HOURS after said Surfaced Mishkan time (UTC) at said Stonehenge Heel Stone.

All of the above Have been notified.

Ralphy Raoul Wally
Sir Walter Wally
G. Willy Wally
Wally Hope

Increase A303 Stonehenge Tunnel to 6.12km (3.8mi)
Accept offer. Citizens save £2B … Git Diggin! G-D


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